All Questions are Answered

Questions always rised up in my head.
May b yes, may b not,ok…. i trust u.
– May i go to see movie/shopping with u?
– Where is my comb that i forgot last time?
– Where is my tooth brush?
– Why u hv to work on Sunday?
– Where did u get this cute CD from?
– Where is my Perfume that i put in to ya Rest Room to check whether u hv another gal or not?
– Where is another 2 pcs? ya maid took it? or u use with another gal?
– Do u hv another gal other than me?
– R u gay?
– Why u hv to go to sleep at ya friend’s home so often?
– Do u tell me the truth?
– Can i accept if u hv another gal?
– How do i feel if u will get married with someone ya parents arranged?
– Where is another 2 pcs? again? ya Maid took it?
– Can u tell me the truth?
– This is not the first time, right?
Too much questions.
Today all questions are answered
to the last question.
Your Dad should run faster than the dog to fuck your mom.
Son of d Bitch.


Shove it up ur mom’s ass,

U asshole





oops! i didn’t tell u what i’ve done. 

2 thoughts on “All Questions are Answered

  1. "U r a fucking cunt and i hope that ur cock falls off with all the infectious diseases that slut of a tramp u have been sleeping with has given u!!!
    Now fuck off and dont let me ever see u or hear from u again u mother fucker asshole!!
    I know now why they say that we should smash indian\’s sorry pity head before the sneak!!
    I should know better than this! I should know that we k\’muay shouldnt come closer to u people!"
    Oh… I curse him for u naka, I swear to God that there\’s nth abt me at all.. 5555


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