Fortune Teller Jun 18, 2006

I went to Australia Education Exhibition on Sunday(Jun 17) also I went to see Palm & Card fortune teller on Monday(Jun 18).
She said January, i’ll be 32 and i’ll get Big money around us$22,000 at least or a house, a car or someone will purpose me.
I’d prefer big money to continue my study in MBA in Wine Business. She said also, if i want to take this Wine Business. Tough and many obstacles but if i can graduate, I’ll get well-known and very rich, it’s good, right?
If i married, 33+35 i will divorce.
36 get married again with my real soul mate and at that time i will be rich for sure! also have my own business.
38 divoiced again… Fuc_…
39 married again… Ho..ho…
If i was cursed in Love, pls let me lucky in game!
Anyway, i need to keep money and make more for my soon MBA. 555

One thought on “Fortune Teller Jun 18, 2006

  1. what you wrote in my space is really deep. Maybe, you have caught something I\’m tryin\’ to hide into my soul.
    Afraid of sunlight, yes. Just, by now I\’m  just caring of my wounds.
    Silently, on my own, like the sea erases what you have written on the sand shore, I\’m waiting my time erases all that remains from my heart.


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