I’m not an Angel

My friend always say
“Keep in mind…do pig fly?”
V r on d earth, on d real world though
Making life animated, lively while we can…
I can’t hide from anyone u’ll be with..
I can’t hide myself too.
Now,I do whatever i can do for u.
One day, U’ll know..if i leaved, that doesn’t mean i do not love you.
I give u freedom n don’t want to ruin yr incoming family.
I want to be “Important” of someone
..to take care me,
be by my sides..
whether i’m good or bad,
whether i’m happy or sick,
whether i have my legs with me or not..


U asked me
“Can V be like this forever?”
I’m not an Angel to wand every wish for U.
I wish i would have said “Yes” 
…U love me,
…I’ll be d only one in your life from now on…
Talk to yrself before u say anything to me..
cos i’m just a friend.



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