Sorry..I afraid..

Sorrow for destiny that i can’t hv time to teach you how to love me,
After talking to U, I just blench back….
..afraid that one day..I’ll loose you..
..afraid that one’ll marry with another gal..
..afraid..that after you’ve learned how to love …then..
       ..u know how to love the other than me..I’m jealousy.

One thought on “Sorry..I afraid..

  1. …It\’s a case of possession obsession…
    The compulsion to count the percentage of time spent between two lovers
    can turn an hour into a crime and all the good times suffer.
    Though u know it\’s only jealousy…
    U cant help but be haunted by ur passion!
    Dont u know it\’s a matter of fact – – the more that u take, the less u give back?


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