Striking for Love Nov. 18, 05

if Someone jumped down from the building by Love hurts
I just like her brave, brave to do everthing for making a chance to call someone to be by her side.
Is that worth if the one she love is being besides but having less chance to see him?
If Mind is Stronger than Body, should we wait another half minute…
I know, it suffers to wait…wait…and…wait…
Shall wait for having "Imposible" to be happened in another half minute?
or Shall we make it now?
คืออิสระ คือแดดสดใส

One thought on “Striking for Love Nov. 18, 05

  1. Lord Buddha once said "Existence of life is an illusion, not real." I think the same goes for "Love."Sometimes we "know" what to do & "how" to take control of the situation.But "can" we do it? Is mind stonger than the body? Well, sometimes..But one sure thing is that.. mind is definitely more powerful!Lost soul even in a healthy body.. is like a living death!!?

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